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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quito Gourmet

Living in Quito for over 2 years we found some interesting gourmet places.
I would like to share it with you. Enjoy!!!

Specialty tea store
Tea from around the world
Le The’
Whimper N2958, entre Coruña y Orellana,
Edif. Elysee, PB. (junto a un Centro Infaltil)
Telef. 2555321

Producto Gourmet con tradicion Artezanal Suiza
Specialty cheese store
La Maison du Fromage
(Casa de queso)
Rusia N3-21 y Av. Eloy Alfaro, Quito
Tel 02-333-2375
Lunes a Sabado 9:30 a.m. -9:30 p.m.

Carnicerías Argentinas
sector La Vina
Av Gaspar de Villarroel E9-130 y el Sol

Eloy Alfaro y Belgica, Quito
Federer sells Quesos de Montana Yanayacu, different meat and meat products,
but the reason we are in love with this place - its parrilladas.
it works this way
you come over to the meat counter with pretty big selection
of sausages, meat, pinchos and so on
tell the worker what you want, how you want it prepared on parrillada
we usually go to the vine/beer stand (inside of the store) and get something to accompany our food
go to the cashier, pay
they have seats inside and outside.
meat are prepared right away and served with boiled baby potatoes,
tomatoes, lettuce and every table has a bottle of their heavenly sause.
The prices are low to moderate, very reasonable.
Service are super.