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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

InterNations Quito Worldwide Event at the Strawberry Fields Bar. Quito Ecuador.

Message from Alba and María Elena InterNations Ambassadors
Wed 11 May 18:30 - 21:30
Strawberry Fields Bar
González Suárez N27-171 y 12 de Octubre (across the street from Hotel Quito)

Entrance fee
 Albatross Member  Free
Basic Member         $10
Not signed up for event      $15
✓ Choice of one courtesy drink (Tequila, Margarita, Gin tonic with orange juice, Gin tonic with cucumber, Vodka with orange juice, Mojitos, Cuba libre)
✓ Selection of appetizers
✓ Special show with photographer Pete Oxford
✓ Chance to win a book from Pete!

This time a special guest is joining us for our event! Pete Oxford, who works as a conservation photographer in some of the world’s most pristine and remote wildlife and cultural destinations, will show some of his impressive images and tell the stories behind.
Make sure to join for this worldwide experience! As usual, there will also be time for networking and connecting with other global minds. A welcome drink and appetizers will be served.
The Strawberry Fields Bar is located in a residential area. Since 2006 its cozy and peculiar baroque-psychedelic atmosphere pays daily tribute to the Beatles. It has a great selection of songs from the Beatles, with a English pub environment. The place offers a unique combination of premium cocktails and casual food.

We look forward to seeing you at this special event!
Find out more about Pete Oxford here: 

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

One week after earthquake. Headlines in Ecuador and around the world. April 2016.

Outpouring of support for victims of earthquake, local and international.

Bad construction is an aggravating factor of the earthquake
from the article:
Buildings had collapsed because of poor construction..Concrete cement was mixed with sea (beach) sand, that sand is too salty and affected the concrete strength...
Houses simply fell over themselves or violently inclined because the foundation could not bear to the upper floors...  Common sense in seismic areas indicates that the heaviest items should be down, solid foundation, and as you build up, you have to lighten the weight. Here(in affected areas) we see the opposite...
...They presented a plan for one floor ( to the municipio) and then built five more and no one knew. There were buildings that you thought they were going to fall without an earthquake....
This despite the fact that in 1998 there was an earthquake that hit Bahía de Caráquez and Canoe.In 2008 there was a conference in Bahia de Caraquez to determine what we learned from the earthquake of 1998 and look what happened now. They're going to take some steps but I think this is forgotten in a year.

Earthquakes keep hitting Ecuador. 782 replicas recorded after major quake on April 16 and until mid-day April 23rd.

These affected by earthquake are warned: No yelling, crying or complaining to public officials or you will be detained. If you can't keep calm in the presence of governments officials , we´ll send you to jail, whether you are old, young, a man or a woman.

Political Aftershocks. According to this article, civil society is doing the work that the government was not prepared for.

Over the last decade, the government made significant investments in infrastructure and education while depleting emergency funds set aside for disasters like earthquakes, analysts say. Spending on government salaries also ballooned as the government grew.
The President delivered the news on television: There would be an increase of two percentage points in the sales tax, a one-time garnishing of government wages for those earning more than $1,000 a month and the possible sale of government assets. He also announced a new personal wealth tax for millionaires........while the new taxes are expected to cover the costs of the earthquake, economists say larger economic problems still lie ahead for Ecuador.
Ecuador failed to save much income from the high energy prices for rainy days like these.
Mr. Hidalgo, the economist, said that between 2010 and 2013, the price of oil exceeded the government’s budget projections. Had it saved the surpluses from those years, it would now have a $7.5 billion cushion, according to his calculations.

Part one 
Part two
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Part four

Rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
We have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath totally remodeled
Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saturday night earthquake. Aftermath. Part two. Quito Ecuador. April 2016.

According to the article below, in order to to clean up the ruins and re-build affected areas, the regime decided to implement more taxes, to take on more debt and to try direct expropriation.
From the article translated in English.
An increase in the country's VAT,value added tax, from 12 percent to 14 percent for a year.
Mandatory wage contributions
Anyone whose assets exceed $1 million will have to pay a one-time contribution of 0.9 percent of their wealth and extra utilities payments.
Unspecified state assets would be sold
More debt

Here are popular suggestions on Facebook, posted and re-posted by citizens, what to do instead of raising taxes, taking on more debt and expropriate money.

To eliminate las Sabatinas
To eliminate Ministry of Good Living
To eliminate Space Institute
To reduce monthly salary of certain members of regime to $2500
To sell some official mass media
To sell presidential aircraft 

Since taking office eight years ago, the President has delivered a weekly speech called “Citizen’s Link,” colloquially known as sabatinas—a reference to the fact that they are delivered every Saturday. He has given 410 sabatinas to date, most of which run past the three-hour mark.  
USD 30,000 per week for every sabatina.

According to the source below, there is a Ministry de Buen Vivir in the country, with a staff of 30, a $2 million annual budget and a direct line to the President.

According to to this article, Instituto Espacial (Space Institute) created on July 19, 2012.

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Part two
Part three
Part five

Rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
We have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath totally remodeled
Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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