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Thursday, January 18, 2018

About Electricity in Quito. Ecuador. January 2018.

Last week I went to La Ronda condo to spend a few nights. In the morning I was sitting on my terrace, drinking coffee and all of a sudden, power was lost in my La Ronda apartment, no more internet. I called our concierge and he told me electrical company technicians were revising some meters and it looked like I lost my power right after that.
To make long story short, I was lucky and managed to have another electrical company crew to come over pretty quick to reconnect electricity in my apartment. It turned out that my meter was stolen!!! and when previous crew saw it, they simply cut my power off. That is Ecuador for you, cannot take anything for granted.
To enter and exit the apartment building where my condo located, one has to have a key. It means that it was an insider job, stealing the meter. Electrical meters situated next to the entrance to the section where apartment is. The are encased in plastic boxes, easy to open.
Well, I came back to my North Quito apartment and what do you know, I woke up and no electricity! This time it wasn't so dramatic, in newish (1990s and after) constructions, its not so easy to have access to electric meters. I called the concierge and she told me that the whole building  is without electricity.  I looked in the window and here it was - electric company truck with workers tampering with electricity wires right on my street. In a few hours we had electricity back.
When you live in Quito, make sure that the stove and calefon (hot water) in your place not electric, but gas. When electricity is off, and it doesn't matter how many hydroelectric power plants government would build, at least you can cook and take shower.



La Ronda rental has gas stove and gas calefon(hot water)

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cost of living in Quito, Ecuador. Property tax, association fees and utilities.

New Year, new property taxes here in Quito. In Ecuador your property taxes available 
to check out and to pay on January 2nd or may be even on January 1st, but January 1st nobody thinks about them yet, even me
For Quito here is the site to check it out

In 2017 Taxable Cadastral value of my North Quito apartment (built in 2010, 990 sq feet, has inside the building parking space and bodega)  was $52000 and I paid $36 in property tax. 
This year VALOR CATASTRAL IMPONIBLE (Taxable Cadastral value) is $70000 and my bill is $61

Still much better than $$$$ to pay for property tax in USA.

Centro Historico apartment (built in 1970s, 625 sq feet, no parking space, no bodega)  was valued $16200 in 2017, property tax $20.
$31800 this year, property tax $24

Many Quiteños complain that their taxes went up double and in same cases triple in comparison with last year amount of taxes paid. Municipality of Quito working on complains and promising that errors will be fixed. 84% of property valuations in Quito are under review.

Association fee are the same as in 2017.
$34 per month for North Quito apartment and $15 for Centro Historico condo. 
Cannot complain about these numbers either. 
December 2017 utilities for North Quito apartment 
electricity $16
gas(centralized in our apartment building)  $3.50
water       $6.20
Internet, fiber optic $39 
land line phone $12    

2 bedroom, 1 bath, totally remodeled
Centro Historico furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year eve celebration in Quito, Ecuador. January 2018.

What weather we had on New Year eve and on New Year day in Quito: rain on and off, mostly on, hail for a few dramatic minutes on December 31st and morning earthquake on January 1 with epicenter right here in Quito.  
City of Quito bureaucracy was full of  intentions to kill celebration spirit as well. They prohibited burning paper mache dummies (monigotes) on the streets and banned the detonation of firecrackers and rockets on streets and other public venues.They said that heat from the fires can damage asphalt surfaces.  Wrongdoers to be fined up to two minimum monthly wages (almost $800) and imprisoned from 6 to 10 days. No wonder that current mayor of Quito has approval rating around 15% as of December 2017.  

However the monigotes tradition dates back more than a century, it has a simple meaning: out with the old and in with the new. Quitenos still enjoyed their tradition, in spite of rain and possibilities to pay almost $800 and to go to jail. They burned piles of año viejo dummies and fired off fireworks. 


Speaking of "damaging asphalt surfaces" Below is the street view from my window. The surface is permanently damaged.  The city repairs it few times per year and you can "admire" the result. 

2 bedroom, 1 bath, totally remodeled
Centro Historico furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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Russian version of my post:
Новогодний вечер в Кито. Дождь, град и землетрясение, но нам все нипочем. 
Соседская девочка смастерила классного розового волка Он у нас будет мониготом и его сожгут в полночь. Монигот сгорит и все плохое уйдет в дым, освободит место для событий получше. Эквадорской традиции жечь мониготов больше ста лет. И вот эти гады из горисполкома решили задавить традицию жечь папье маше, кукол мониготов, в новогоднюю ночь и запускать пиротехнику
Они утверждают, что асфальт пострадает от огня и вообще, они о народе волнуются, чтобы никто не получил ожоги, какое им дело, может народу надо повеселится и поджечься.
Короче,жители Кито забили на начальство и веселились, как всегда, зажигали в прямом смысле, и я заодно с ними. Ура!
A вот и про асфальт, котрый якобы пострадает от огня и вообще. Этому асфальту, который просматривается из моего окна,уже ничего не поможет, а между тем его ремонтируют несколько раз в год, деньги на ветер или на асфальт.